Welcome to Rainier Radio


This is an unusual station.  First because it’s an Internet radio station so you can listen to any of its content when you want it, “on-demand.”  You can also listen to streams of randomly selected programs and music on this site.

The main reason it’s unusual originates with the kinds of programs you’ll find here.  Most of them you won’t find anywhere else.  We’re getting started by streaming much of the history of Washington State radio.  You’ll find programs from radio stations and radio personalities all over Washington.  Programs that come from the 1950s to today.

Everyone knows about the “Golden Age of Radio” in the 1930s and 40s when Jack Benny, Fibber McGee and Molly, Superman and the Lone Ranger dominated America’s airwaves.  But the 1950s through at least the 1970s were the “Second Golden Age of Radio.”  This is the time of personality radio, of instant news and sports coverage.  This “ golden age” was local not national in its focus.  

Rainier Radio’s initial mission is to bring you these programs again, as many as we can find. They’ll be archived here.  And you’ll find most of the first “Golden Age” programs here as well.

But besides radio history, Rainier Radio offers you programs produced by the Rainier Radio staff and the students of the Seattle Community Colleges.  Plus Rainier Radio will be bringing you specialized programs on the Seattle music scene.  Also, Rainier Radio serves as a teaching resource at North Seattle Community College for North’s Communication, Business and Media degree program. And we’re part of the Washington State Heritage Center ’s web resources.

It’s a tall agenda but we’ll try to do it.

Special thanks go to Adobe, Clear Channel, Enco Systems, Intune Media, Pat O’Day, John Maynard, and the many Washington State radio stations, announcers, disc jockeys and broadcasters that have contributed equipment, software and recordings to Rainier Radio.

We’re most pleased to be part of this unusual radio station.  Recordings of the greatest days on radio are here for you to enjoy…again.

Thanks for listening and welcome to the world of Rainier Radio.


The Staff and Volunteers of Rainier Radio